Glenn Howerton and Patton Oswalt are teaming up for NBC's new comedy A.P. Bio but the two have another connection — their love of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia characters.

Howerton is mandated to defend the ridiculous behavior of the It's Always Sunny crew — he's an executive producer and star on the series — but Oswalt isn't afraid to call them the worst even though he loves them.

"The Philadelphia people are so subhuman that there are times I cannot believe that I relate to these people's motivations and desires," Oswalt told on the NBC Upfronts red carpet in New York City.

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"They are taking all the worst parts of ourselves and amplifying them," Howerton explains before the new co-stars delve into how the It's Always Sunny characters have the least regard for safety, but will all end up living to be 90 years old and healthy. Weird how karma works, right?

Unfortunately, due to Howerton's new gig no one is going to get to indulge in the It's Always Sunny antics. The EP is taking an "extended hiatus" to focus on his new show while his co-stars also work on other projects, meaning it could be over a year before the FXX comedy returns.

A.P. Bio will premiere on NBC in the spring.

Additional reporting by Alex Zalben.