One thing you can say about Neve Campbell: She doesn't scare easily. Not only did the 28-year-old actress survive three Scream films, but she also endured the final, dreadful seasons of Party of Five. Her latest act of bravery? Working opposite Oscar winner Jeremy Irons in the upcoming Showtime flick Last Call.

"I was a little intimidated going in because he was somebody that I admired for a long time," she tells TV Guide Online. "But we really hit it off and we had a good energy together. He's such a talented guy and a sweetheart as well, so it was a great experience."

Last Call — which premieres on May 26 — chronicles the final months in the life of author F. Scott Fitzgerald (Irons) as told by his secretary and close confidante Frances Kroll Ring (Campbell). Sissy Spacek rounds out the cast as the writer's institutionalized wife, Zelda.

Clearly, Last Call is another attempt by Campbell to move beyond her image as Hollywood's new Scream queen — not to mention her days as Party of Five's angst-ridden orphan, Julia Salinger. Speaking of PO5, is her anxiety over being separated from Scott Wolf and co. as bad as ours? "I miss the gang, but I don't miss doing the show," she admits, "just because it became tiring."

Campbell agrees that PO5 — while undoubtedly one of TV's best young-adult dramas at its peak — overstayed its welcome by a year or two. "There are only so many stories to tell," she concedes. "I think we all felt that."

Okay, last PO5 question: We just have to ask Campbell what she thinks of lil' sis Lacey Chabert's stunning (read: va-va-voom!) makeover. "She's really growing up," she says with a wink. "She ended up being quite the young woman."