Chris Pratt and Rob Lowe Chris Pratt and Rob Lowe

If you've ever wanted an awesome tour of Washington, D.C., then Parks and Recreation's Andy Dwyer is... not your man.

Parks and Recreation Scoop: Leslie's about to get a rude awakening

In these exclusive never-before-seen videos shot while the NBC comedy was on location in the nation's capital for the season premiere, Andy (Chris Pratt) acts as tour guide around Washington, D.C. to present the facts — which are often really wrong. Still, he goes on the hunt for an underground city, picking up clues (aka money) out of fountains. And since he's in D.C., Bert Macklin makes a surprising return!

Check out the videos below:

Andy Dwyer Presents: D.C. 101 with Professor Andrew Dwyer:

Andy Dwyer Presents: Bert Macklin — Most Wanted:

Andy Dwyer Presents: Secrets of the City of Gold

Parks and Recreation airs Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.