Parks and Recreation Parks and Recreation

This show is so damn good, it can even make tax audits a joy.

Even though it lost out at the Emmys, by pairing the bro-com-that-could-be of Ben helping Tom Haverford balance Entertainment 7twenty's books with the Ron's impending audit at the hands of his "hellacious nightmare" of a first ex, Parks and Recreation still brought home comedy gold last night: A staggeringly funny script. Patricia Clarkson in Emmy-worthy shape as the soulless, gold-digging control freak that is Tammy One. Megan Mullally, ever sharp as Tammy Two. Just enough bits with Tom's asshat sidekick Jean-Ralphio. And the deeply unsettling history of Ron's sexual awakening — complete with a visit to the Swanson homestead and the debut of Tammy Zero (his mother, played by SNL writer Paula Pell). It was, as Rob Lowe's Chris Traeger would say, litch-er-ally perfect.

In fact, the only thing this episode was missing was perhaps a viewer warning about the graphic content — we really do need to be prepared before seeing Nick Offerman's alpha-male mustachioed god as a clean-shaven "neutered wimp"! But even that had us laughing our assets off.

What about you? Think P&R an embarrassment of comic riches last night?

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