Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation

The pit on Parks and Recreation may have been filled in, but Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) and several other Parks employees have holes in their hearts. Fortunately, love is in the air in Pawnee, Indiana. The cast and producers of Parks came together for a panel at the Paley Center where they discussed upcoming makeups, breakups and shake-ups, including the surprising new couple that might actually make Ann (Rashida Jones) jealous. Bonus tease: full-frontal nudity! Read on...

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All the single ladies: "We have an episode in a couple of weeks about Tom getting divorced and him coming to terms with it," said Aziz Ansari. "It's pretty emotional stuff for Tom." Unfortunately, sparks will continue to fly between Ron (Nick Offerman) and Tom's soon-to-be ex-wife. "It doesn't seem like Tom will take it too well," Offerman said. "A little bit of information unfolds before the holidays, but no deals will be sealed."

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Full frontal: Once Tom finds out about Ron and his ex, things get physical. "Nick and I have to do a mud-wrestling match and we're totally nude," jokes Ansari. "It's a little weird, but they've allowed us to do full-frontal nudity on network television. It's a landmark episode." While we know he's kidding, Offerman did say he'd love to see an "all-out brawl" between the pair. "I think Ron might not even raise a hand. He'd just stand there and take a flurry of punches from Tom Haverford."

Leslie's love life: Things also aren't looking good for Leslie and police officer Dave (Louis C.K.). According to Poehler, "there's some stuff coming up with Dave that we're going to figure out if they're going to be together." Surprisingly, Leslie will rebound with a salacious sex scandal. "She is accidentally photographed at the wrong time with the wrong guy at the wrong place," executive producer Mike Schur told us. "There's a tabloid-ish newspaper in the town that has heard rumors of sex scandals with the city councilman from the episode 'Practice Date,' and they assume she's the one who is involved."

Will Arnett to guest-star on Parks and Recreation

All is not lost: Following the sex scandal, Knope will find herself in a possible love triangle. Will Arnett — Poehler's real-life hubby — and Justin Theorux will guest-star in that January episode as her suitors.

Love is in the air: Leslie's not the only one getting some action. "You're going to see more scenes with Andy and April," said Aubrey Plaza. "There could be a love connection for them." Wonder how Ann will take that one.

Foul play: In Thursday's episode, Parks takes a shot at a mystery episode. "They go on a hunting trip and they're hunting quails at a secret park ranger station that Ron has, for years, used as his private hunting lodge," executive producer Greg Daniels said. "Leslie insists on going when she finds out about it, bringing a lot of non-hunters. There are a lot of guns." What's the mystery? One of the parks department members takes a shot to the back of the head and the gang must figure out whose gun it came from.

Who do you think fired the shot and who's on the receiving end? Discuss in the comments.