Paris Hilton by Kevin Mazur/ Paris Hilton by Kevin Mazur/
Paris Hilton had visitors on Tuesday, two to be exact: attorney Richard A. Hutton (whose name is fast approaching Howard K. Stern-esque ubiquity) and Dr. Charles Sophy, the psychiatrist who weeks ago pronounced the celebutante too "distraught and traumatized" by her pending jail stay to testify in an unrelated civil suit against her. The reason for the shrink's stop-by, let alone what was discussed (the Freudian implications of Lindsay holding a knife to her mouth, perhaps?) was not disclosed, however. "I don't discuss my patients," the New York

Daily News quotes Sophy as telling reporters on his way out. Added Hutton, "Everything's fine." Paris herself wasn't mum on Sunday evening at the MTV Movie Awards, where heathenly host Sarah Silverman took several merciless whacks at the pop-culture piñata. In response, Us heard Paris later say in the green room, "She's a f---ing bitch. I hate her." Whoa, do you talk to your fellow inmates with that mouth?