Well, two outta three ain't bad. At least according to Meatloaf. Yesterday, I predicted Heather, Daphna and Brandon were going to be this week's threatened trio. But instead of Brando on the block, it was Jessica joining the other two. That surprised me a bit, but not as much as the rock-and-roll revelation I experienced shortly after the bottom three performed: I'm beginning to like INXS. There's no arguing that the group's recorded catchy songs, but that was never enough for me to get my "Kick," if you will. And, thus far, the guys have been relegated to dispensing alienated advice from their distant opium-den-like digs. However, something miraculous happened last night that changed my mind about the band they performed. Well, two of them did. And two outta five ain't bad either.

It seems that drummer Jon Farriss was no longer content to just accompany the performers on air drums. On past shows, he was always banging along to a pair of transparent toms. So this week he took his rightful place behind the kit and backed up the bottom three. Naturally, he brought along bassist Garry Beers. I guess that rhythm sections are like the atom: It takes a lot to split them up and, when you do, the results are near catastrophic. Fortunately, Jon and Garry stuck together and gave that extra oomph to Daphna's version of "What You Need," Heather's take on "By My Side" and Jessica's run through "Elegantly Wasted."

Decision time. With Jessica safe, it's between Daphna and Heather. Or is it? With the power granted him by the State of Rock and Roll, Tim Farriss ousts them both! Apparently, neither is right for his band, (pause) INXS. That sure kept the others on their toes. Just look at their disbelief. There's so much twitching and seizing going on in their holding area near the stage that it kind of looks like a rave on the Island of Misfit Toys. Even Navarro is choked up. Ah, Dave, don't cry. Unintentionally streaked mascara is so uncool.