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VIDEO: A Fascinating Look at How Outlander Makes Its Own Tartan

How the tartan goes from a bobbin of thread to the finished product!

Robyn Ross

Authenticity is of the utmost importance to Outlander'sexecutive producer Ronald D. Moore, and when it comes to the show's wardrobe, there was not a historic detail spared. But with 18th century Scottish culture wiped out in Colloden, Moore and his wife, costume designer Terry Dresbach, were tasked with creating their own tartan from scratch.

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"Our modern idea of a Scottish tartan is bright pinks and reds, but actually that's a 19th century reinvention," Moore told during a visit to the set. "They actually used earth tones [for camouflage] and vegetable dyes that were available at the time." Added Dresbach, "We wanted to be as authentic and true as possible, [but] a lot of the research and actual clothing was wiped out by the war at the time, so there isn't a tremendous amount to be found." Ultimately, they looked to the environment for inspiration with color and texture and worked with a local tartan manufacturer, Anthony Haines textiles, to come up with design.

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In the video above, see how the tartan goes from a bobbin of thread to the finished product!

Outlander airs on Saturdays at 9/8c on Starz.