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Oscars 2018: The Biggest Snubs and Surprises

This year's festivities weren't without controversy

Tim Surette

The 90th Academy Awards just wrapped up, and while we could celebrate the winners as they go on their victory laps, this is an awards show, which means it's much more fun to complain about who didn't win or bemoan those who maybe didn't deserve a statue.

Only this year was a little different. Usually we spend more time throwing popcorn at the TV because awards shows always get it wrong, but we have to admit that the Oscars pretty much went to the deserving and predicted winners so it wasn't as easy to come up with as many snubs and surprises as usual.

So who did get snubbed? And who was the most shocking surprise winner of the night? Glad you asked!

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Laurie Metcalf, Ladybird
Allison Janney won the award and we're totally OK with that since Janney can do no wrong, but if there was ever a time we were -- dare we say -- rooting against her, it was tonight. Laurie Metcalf was tremendous as Ladybird's mother in the film, and though she already cleaned up several acting honors from critics for the role, this was the big one. Oh well, at least she has three Emmys for Roseanne.

Our sleep schedules
Jimmy Kimmel started the show off talking about how the show would go long, and even offered a jet ski to the winner with the shortest speech. So how did the 90th Academy Awards go over by 45 minutes!?!? This ceremony could have used some help from whoever won Best Editing, because although we love flicks, we have lives, you know?

Ryan Seacrest
This is a different type of snub than what you're used to from these pieces, but we had mention it here. Seacrest, whose presence on the red carpet was surrounded by controversy due to lingering sexual assault allegations, was trying to do his normal hosting thing for E! but was missing one major part of the job: people to talk to. Word is A-listers opted to not talk to Seacrest because of the controversy, making him the most snubbed person at the show all evening.

Guillermo del Toro

Guillermo del Toro

Kevin Winter/Getty Images


Kobe Bryant, Dear Basketball
Yes that Kobe Bryant. Just him being nominated is a surprise, but now it's official: Kobe Bryant has more Oscars than Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock. The former NBA star created the winner for best animated short, adding another trophy to his collection. Making this even more surprising is Kobe's personal past, including settling a sexual assault claim out of court, and how he took the stage in this time of the #MeToo movement.

Jordan Peele, Get Out
As the first black writer to win in the adapted screenplay category for Get Out, Jordan Peele winning was one of the most pleasant surprises of the evening. Less important is the fact that a horror movie that addressed race and social issues won best adapted screenplay, which is a seriously promising turn for the Academy Awards. All in all... YES!

Guillermo Del Toro and The Shape of Water
Like Peele, we're beaming that a genre film -- and a great one at that -- is getting Hollywood recognition, and a person of color taking one of the ceremony's biggest prizes. Guillermo Del Toro winning best director and The Shape of Water isn't the biggest surprise in terms of what won, but the fact that a film about a horny sea monkey won is! We're heading in the right direction, guys.