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Jennifer Lawrence Was Once Again the Most Relatable Person at the Oscars

And she didn't fall this time!

Liz Raftery

Jennifer Lawrence was once again the hero we didn't know we needed at the 2018 Academy Awards.

The former winner -- who has previously created memorable moments at the event by doing things like tripping and falling down on her way up to the stage -- was spotted this year climbing over chairs to get to her seat, all while deftly balancing a glass of wine in her left hand.

Then, once settled in her position next to last year's Best Actress winner, Emma Stone, Lawrence reacted for all of us when she guffawed at a joke host Jimmy Kimmel made in his opening monologue, at the expense of Stone and the rest of her La La Landco-stars.

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Referencing last year's debacle in which La La Land was mistakenly awarded Best Picture, Kimmel -- who also presided over the 2018 ceremony -- warned winners to wait a beat before coming up to the stage to collect.

"This year, when you hear your name called, don't get up right away," Kimmel cautioned. "Give us a minute."

Cut to Lawrence doubled over laughing and, in case anyone was unclear, pointing a finger at Stone, who looked... less amused.

Stars, they really are just like us!