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This year's Oscar nominees are meditating, reflecting or, in some cases, still in disbelief about their chances to take home the gold on Hollywood's biggest night. TVGuide.com caught up with the nominated actors just ahead of Sunday's Academy Awards (8 pm/ET, ABC) — and they're everything from glib to gushy when asked about their Oscar nods.

Kate Winslet, lead actress for The Reader
"I have been here so many times, and lost so many times, that, quite honestly, I have a really good losing face now. I've perfected that strange, Zen, blank calm that you have to have in that moment when they don't call out your name."

Frank Langella, lead actor for Frost/Nixon
"This is a wonderful high point, but is a high point, not the high point."

Robert Downey Jr., supporting actor for Tropic Thunder
"What I think is endearing about [my character] Kurt Lazarus, is there is no way I could've read the script and said, 'It's Oscar time.' I was just hoping I wouldn't get shot at the premiere."

Anne Hathaway, lead actress for Rachel Getting Married
"[I feel] like an embryo, like I'm totally out of my element."

Taraji P. Henson, supporting actress for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
"My insides are crazy, my heart is pounding. I'm just grateful to have this be a part of my journey. This is every actor's dream, and not every actor can say that they were in front of this podium. So, that's the win for me. I'm nervous, I'm excited, I want to scream, I want to cry."

Melissa Leo, lead actress for Frozen River
"I didn't ever think about [getting nominated], sweetie. I really didn't. I'm an actor. I think about what the next job is, I think about what my character is, about what my director's needs are. It is a dream I have not yet dared to dream, and a great delight."

Josh Brolin, supporting actor for Milk
"Don't do it, become a lawyer; have something to fall back on." —On his father's advice when he became an actor

Marisa Tomei, supporting actress for The Wrestler
"I did a lot of dancing to think about what kind of style my character would have, so that was part of it, doing some of the pole work." —On how she prepared to play a stripper

Michael Shannon, supporting actor for Revolutionary Road
"She just said to go and do things that you're supposed to do. When you're done, go back and remember that you're just a normal person — and you'll need another job." —On advice his co-star Kate Winslet gave him when he was nominated

Amy Adams, supporting actress for Doubt
"I'm able to process it a little more ... the first time was like being launched out of a cannon." —On her second nomination

Which nominees do you hope to see take home an award?

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