As a onetime executive producer of Dawson's Creek, writer-director-supernova Kevin Williamson is accustomed to answering difficult questions. (Dawson or Pacey? Pacey or Dawson?) But the 2003 Oscar race is an altogether different story, one whose ending he can scarcely imagine penning.

"It is such a tough year for me," the I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream scribe tells TV Guide Online. "My favorite films, split down the middle, were Chicago and The Hours." Alas, checking off both movies isn't an option on Academy ballots. "I've got to vote, and I'm absolutely torn between Chicago and The Hours as best picture, best director and best writer.

"I'm so rooting for Bill Condon [the wit responsible for Chicago's screen adaptation], because I think he turned a mediocre book of a musical into a wonderful movie," he continues. "But then you have The Hours's dialogue, which just sort of blows you out of the water. I wish it was going to be a tie."

At least Williamson — who is headed back to Creek to pen the show's May 14 series finale — will have a slightly easier time making his picks in the performing categories. "Nicole Kidman was amazing. In terms of best actress, definitely, I'm rooting for her. But then there's Julianne Moore," he remembers suddenly, "so who the hell knows?

"I'm just so excited," concludes the Teaching Mrs. Tingle auteur, "that we have some worthy contenders. It's going to be a fight." Amen.