The mystery surrounding Nicole Kidman's Academy Awards acceptance speech has been solved! Producers cut to a commercial break before the Oscar winner was finished with her thank yous, leaving the telecast's 33 million viewers wondering, "What'd we miss?" Turns out, the Hours star gave a shout-out to her acting coach, Susan Batson.

"They drowned me out," Kidman says. "They heard it in the [Kodak Theater], but they didn't hear it on television." (Unlike fellow Aussie Russell Crowe, who threw a hissy fit when the BAFTA folks gave him the hook in 2002, Kidman's, er, nose was not out of joint about the slight.)

Well, with that head-scratcher behind us, we can move on to more important matters. Like, does scoring the golden guy wipe away any of Kidman's well-documented insecurity when it comes to her acting chops? As you'll recall, the Moulin Rouge crooner tried to back out of The Hours at the last minute over fears that she would bomb as Virginia Woolf.

"I don't think that there is any sort of confidence in relation to winning an award," she admits. "I don't have that confidence in relation to the next role that I do just because I won this now. I'll still go back thinking, 'Oh my gosh. I'm going to get fired.'

"I think [it's good] to operate from a sense of everything is new and you're starting again," adds the thesp, who is currently shooting Birth, a drama directed by Sexy Beast filmmaker Jonathan Glazer. "I suppose it comes down to not taking anything for granted."