Phoebe Tonkin, Joseph Morgan Phoebe Tonkin, Joseph Morgan

The Originals is about to put the "fun" in family dysfunction.

The CW series, which returns for its second season Monday, is setting the stage for a crazy reunion when Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) realize that their mother and father — and brother — have been resurrected back into their lives. For the brothers, confronting the years of pain and destruction the Original parents left in their wake comes at a time when the two, as well as Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), have already hit despair, having lost the people — and their city — that mean most to them.

"They're all pretty distant when we find them at the beginning of the season," Morgan tells "[Klaus] and Elijah and Hayley are living in this compound, they've been shut away for months, but they're like strangers living in the same house. Every time they see each other, it reminds them of what they lost." Adds Tonkin: "It's a lot darker this season... the two of them [are] dark, lost people."

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But the time for grieving and moping is over. With the Mikaelsons about to make moves and the Guerrera wolf pack continually weakening their powers, Klaus is ready to step up and fight the only way he knows how — with lots and lots of bloody warfare. And Hayley, for her part, is using her new "vampire temper" to make her enemies suffer. Find out about their tactics, how Klaus and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) will work together and what will happen when he and his parents finally come face-to-face.   

1. From one art form to another
Klaus has used his favorite pastime, painting, to get through much of the summer, but he's trading in his brushes for weapons. "I'd say when we find him, he's a simmering 7, but he definitely builds towards 10, even in the first episode," Morgan says. "There's been a lot of stalking the halls of the compound and a lot of plotting bloody revenge. But we pick up just when things are coming to a head and the time to act is approaching. He turned to painting to express himself [and] as a method of control, but I'm sure he'll return to his other art form."

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2. Mentor Klaus
With no guidebook on how to be a hybrid, Klaus will step up to the plate and help Hayley through her transformation. "Klaus starts, probably begrudgingly, to teach her and show her how to build her strength up again because she's on a revenge mission ... to make New Orleans safe enough to bring her daughter back, but she's going about that in a very violent way," Tonkin says. "He definitely tries to guide her, although as we know Klaus is not the best mentor for Hayley to have. But it's a nice dynamic to watch as the two of them as dark, lost people ban together because they both just want to make a safe home for their child to return. So they're partners in that, but they're very strong personalities and they do come up against each other."

3. Team Klaus and Marcel (and Hayley)
Marcel might've been compelled to forget how he helped save baby Hope, but the season will find them less in a power struggle and more working together. "There will always be an interesting push and pull because they are both alphas ... but Marcel took the city from the wolves back in the day, so he has the inside track on how that worked before," Morgan says. "Marcel is a great leader. Honestly, he's a better leader than Klaus, he gains the respect of his men rather than creating this world of fear so I think Klaus could learn a lot from him." Hayley will also get in on the partnership. "Hayley and Marcel finally have some scenes together and it's cool to see that relationship," she says.

4. The bloody Mikaelson Family reunion  

Now that Klaus is a parent, will he have more understanding for his own mom and dad? Not quite. In fact, it only incites "extreme hatred" towards them. "Being a parent in the face that everything he is and finding that love in himself for his child only strengthens his anger and frustration with his parents for not being there for him," Morgan says. "There's a greater understanding that comes with being a parent and he desperately wants to understand why and wants a reason for why he should forgive him, but it isn't there so it's going to be a very tumultuous time for him. [So they'll have] very emotional confrontations and also intense physical confrontations."

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5. Love lost for Elijah and Hayley
"She's shutting Elijah out more than anyone," Tonkin says. "They both had very strong feelings for each other from basically the moment they first saw each other and I think Hayley is petrified of being hurt again. She's a very angry, dark hybrid and I don't think she wants to show him that side of her because she's scared he won't have the same feelings anymore. So she's definitely been keeping her distance and putting a wall up which is sad to watch because they had such a beautiful, pure love — they're just not acting on it at all." But is romance in the cards down the line? "They'll have to discuss those feelings or resolve those feelings because they don't go away," she says. "That's something we do get to in the middle of the season, but for the time being, there are a lot of awkward encounters because they're both living under the same roof with Klaus."

6. The leader of the pack
Both Klaus and Hayley have some major werewolf problems ahead. Can Hayley, the pack's former leader, get back in their good graces? "When she met these werewolves, her family, she finally felt like she belonged somewhere," she says. "They definitely resent her because now she's partially a vampire so she has to work really hard to prove to them that she's loyal and she's not going to pick a side. It definitely takes awhile to prove she's still their leader and that's something we do touch on early in the season." Jackson (Nathan Parsons), by the way, "supports Hayley and stands up to the pack." As for Klaus vs. the Guerreras, now that they've weakened his powers, Morgan says, "[He and Elijah] have to put together a plan and Klaus has to do one of his least favorite things, which is to play well with others. So they have to employ some pretty crafty tactics and work as a team to try and overcome this obstacle."

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The Originals returns Monday, Oct. 6 at 8/7c on The CW.

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