Leah Pipes, Yusuf Gatewood Leah Pipes, Yusuf Gatewood

The Originals' resident human has figured out how to get to Vincent, and she's wasting no time in manipulating him with her feminine wiles.

The Originals: Who's returning from Klaus' past as part of Esther's "diabolical plan"?

Just as Cami (Leah Pipes) was going to stab her "adviser" Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), aka Finn, last week, she realized there was an even better way to uncover the Original brother's plan of attack: flirting with him! In the exclusive clip from Monday's episode below, the two meet for another session, during which Cami hints that she has feelings for him. How does Vincent react? Will he see through her?


The Originals Exclusive: Can Cami Fool Vincent with Flirting?

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