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Orange Is the New Black's Vicci Martinez Responds to All the Daddy Love

And teases what's ahead for Season 7

Keisha Hatchett

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black. Read at your own risk.)

Among all the new faces in Orange Is the New Black's sixth season, none stood out more than Daddy, real name is Dominga Duarte Suarte. Her butch haircut and undeniable charm made her the clear breakout of the season, and one of the most interesting inmates to come along in a very long time. And while the show has yet to address why she earned the nickname Daddy, Vicci Martinez, who plays the fan favorite, offered some insight into why the name probably stuck.

"I think Daddy's taking care of her girls. She definitely has that machismo, just kind of the badass," Martinez told TV Guide.

We saw glimpses of her past as a drug dealer and a pimp over the course of the season, but not much is really known about her. However, with Orange renewed for Season 7, that could very well change. "You can tell a gal like Daddy is definitely a hustler," Martinez said of her character, adding that she doesn't see why the show wouldn't explore more of her backstory next season.

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Another aspect Martinez said she'd like to explore in the future is Daddy's relationship with Daya (Dascha Polanco). Their one-sided love affair began in the courtyard when Daddy offered Daya a candy bar that Daya reluctantly accepted. That set the stage for their relationship, with Daddy clearly invested and Daya only in it for the convenience. And if your heart is breaking for Daddy, you're not alone.

"It feels like Daddy wants Daya in a way that Daya [doesn't]. I kinda feel bad for Daddy's little heart," Martinez said.

Time will tell if their relationship becomes something more. For now, Martinez is just glad to be along for the ride, and for all of the support she's been receiving for her much-talked-about character.

"Honestly, I'm just super grateful," she said. "This opportunity already was a blessing, but to know that my character on screen is connecting with people - icing on the cake!

"All I have ever wanted is to connect with people, and through music I felt that was the fastest way to get to anyone's heart," she said. "And now I have a new stage, but my intention is the same: to inspire people to follow their own authentic truth and desires so they can live joyful lives and then it just becomes a domino effect. And then the world won't blow up or the ice caps won't melt! And we all live happily ever after!"

Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black is currently available to stream on Netflix.