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Orange Is the New Black: Cast Members Reveal Their Favorite Scenes

Remember smoking crack in the cornfield?

Tim Surette

Netflix's Orange Is the New Black is so chock full of fantastic scenes over the course of its five-season run that we'd have to write a novel to list off all our favorites. But what about the cast? What are their favorites? sat down with several actresses from the prison drama to pick their brains about their favorite scenes, and naturally, crack cocaine, nudity and facial masks were involved. This is Orange Is the New Black, after all.

"Any scene where I take my clothes off I remember," said Taylor Schilling, narrowing her memorable scenes down to about three dozen.

"Well, I haven't been there for those, sadly," Natasha Lyonne replied. "When we did the smoking crack in the cornfield, that's a day I don't think I will ever forget as an actor. I mean, Taylor was off the charts that day. I love Taylor so much anyway, and then when she was fully living in it, it made [Laura] Prepon and I kind of really double down."

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"For Cindy, personally, her storyline -- Season 3 -- in converting to Judaism, was impactful to me as an actor and a person just because of personally what was going on was playing out professionally with this character," said Adrienne C. Moore.

What are your favorite scenes from Orange Is the New Black?

Orange Is the New Black Season 5 is now streaming on Netflix.