Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey thinks her viewers are smarter than Newsweek magazine's most recent cover story implies.

The talk show queen responded to the magazine's article that condemned the medical advice given by some of her guests, according to Us. Winfrey said she's not endorsing any method, but rather putting out information for her viewership to consider.

"For 23 years, my show has presented thousands of topics that reflect the human experience, including doctors' medical advice and personal health stories that have prompted conversations between our audience members and their health care providers," Winfrey said in a statement. "I trust the viewers, and I know that they are smart and discerning enough to seek out medical opinions to determine what may be best for them."

The  article — which sports the headline "Crazy Talk: Oprah, Wacky Cures & You" on the cover — takes Winfrey to task for offering medical tips on her show that the magazine suggests are ineffective and possibly dangerous. While the article praises Winfrey's health and fitness experts Dr. Mehmet Oz and trainer Bob Green, it's particularly critical of such celebrity guests as Suzanne Somers and Jenny McCarthy, who advocated taking 60 daily supplements and avoiding vaccinations out of fear that they cause autism, respectively. The article suggests that Winfrey fails to challenge these guests and their ideas on her show.

Do you think Oprah promotes unsafe health practices?