The stakes were abnormally high for a late-night show on Thursday's Late Late Show, as host James Corden played a game called "Tattoo Roulette" with guests One Direction. It's the most nerve-wracking comedy clip you'll see today.

The game works like this: There are five boxes. Inside four of the boxes is the word "SAFE." The last one says "TATTOO." If any of the 1D boys gets the tattoo box, he has to get "Late Late" inked on his body right there in the studio. If it's Corden, he has to get "1D." He doesn't have any tattoos. He and Niall Horan, who also has no tattoos, are visibly freaking out, which is all the funnier because the whole game was Corden's idea.

"It has never felt more tense in here," Corden says with real fear in his voice.

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Does he have to get his first tattoo under the stupidest circumstances possible? Watch to find out!

I love that Billy Crystal is watching this all unfold. What do you think he thinks of these shenanigans?