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Once Upon a Time Mega Buzz: What "Big Secret" Is Emma Keeping from Hook?

Being a savior is a lot of trouble

Megan Vick

After a stressful season in the underworld, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) just want to Netflix and chill -- literally -- when Once Upon a Time returns. But there will be no time for movie-watching and dinner dates, even if no one's actively trying to ruin their lives at the moment.

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Emma will start keeping a "very, very big secret" from Hook in the premiere, executive producer Eddy Kitsis tells us, and it's definitely going to put some stress and strain on their relationship, not to mention on Emma herself.So what skeleton is lurking in Emma's closet?

We'll have to wait until the Season 6 premiere to find out, but it's possible that her savior status means her and Hook's relationship -- or any relationship she might have, for that matter -- is doomed.

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