Tiana (Mekia Cox) was the focus of tonight's Once Upon a Time (finally), and there's a reason the show hasn't cast Prince Naveen yet — this girl is totally her own knight in shining armor.

Our fairytale flashbacks told a different backstory for Tiana than we're used to, where her mother was the noble, who married her father, a commoner. Tiana's father passed away though, and the kingdom began to deteriorate without his good influence. Thus, Tiana set out in search of a prince who would marry her and restore the kingdom to its former glory.

One soothsayer, a fake prince and a cursed frog later, Tiana realized she'd have to be her own hero and restore the kingdom's good fortune on her own. No prince required.

Another key difference in Tiana's backstory? The frog in her story is neither her nor her prince.

The commoner who attempted to steal from her and spun that tale about his true love being turned into a frog and true love's kiss being the only way to turn her back? He was twisting the details just a little bit. Her kiss turned him into a frog, and they lived froggily ever after. It's not exactly the Princess and the Frog we're used to, but that's kind of the point of this show, right?

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Meanwhile, back in Hyperion Heights, Regina (Lana Parrilla) was playing mama bear with Henry (Andrew J. West), warning him off starting a relationship with Ivy (Adelaide Kane). His true love is obviously Jacinda, but it's hard not to root for Ivy in this little love triangle too. Not so much that she'll end up with Henry, but more so that she'll actually outsmart her awful mother.

That leads us to the big reveal of the night: Drizella is awake!

Somehow, Drizella managed to overcome the curse and regain her memories, and she's been playing her mother this whole time. With the help of that prisoner in Victoria's (Gabrielle Anwar) tower, Drizella has managed to play the innocent, abused Ivy, with mommy dearest none the wiser.

Whoever that woman in the tower is, we can only hope Drizella isn't underestimating how dangerous she might become. Right now Drizella seems to be in cahoots with her to stick it to Tremaine — and can you really blame her? — but if she's not careful, could find herself on the wrong end of that witch's powers. And who knows, maybe her agenda isn't so wicked? She helped Regina find that picture of her and young Henry after all. Is it too much to hope that Drizella might be on the same side as the good guys?

Once Upon a Time airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

Adelaide Kane, Once Upon a TimeAdelaide Kane, Once Upon a Time