Question: OMG! Josh Schwartz reads AA, too!

Answer: Can you believe it?!?!?!?! Hey, speaking of Josh, as promised, here's the remainder of our interview, including scoop on what impact Marissa's death will have on the show next season and how he feels about The O.C.'s new Thursday competition:

How much time will have passed when next season starts?
It won't pick up directly. We're not coming back until November, and I think we'll use some of that time to put a couple of months between us and the tragedy. But it certainly will not be forgotten.

Will Volchok be back?
Yeah, Volchok will be around, and you'll have an opportunity to see how [killing Marissa] landed on him and affected him, and I think that will be interesting. The show was originally about Ryan and the Cohens, and that's what it's going to go back to next year. It's really going to be about the Cohen family surrounding Ryan after this and the battle for his soul.

Will Taylor take Marissa's place in the Fab Four?
Obviously, the dynamic will have shifted. Some people have gone to college when the show starts, some people haven't been able to go, and some people are waiting to go. We'll break the mold next year.

Will part of the show be set in Rhode Island?
Yeah. A soundstage will be named to R.I.

Does it bug you when the media says the show's been in a creative slump this season?
It's par for the course. We've had an unbelievable run, and I'm incredibly grateful that we've had the success that weve had. Shows like this are like comets: They're meant to burn really, really bright and really fast. It was never designed to be a show that would run for eight, 10 years. For any show that gets to be as fortunate as we were to be a hot show, you're going to have to expect and anticipate that there's going to be a backlash. Every show out there it's happened to. You're going to have your ups and downs.

How do you feel about Grey's Anatomy moving into your time period?
The time slot has been brutal for a while, so we're just going to do the show for our fans and for ourselves and just try to have the best Season 4 we can and see what happens.