Question: OMG... do you go on hiatus at the end of season, too?

Answer: Yes, the rumors I started at the top of AA are true: I'm taking off on a much-deserved and long-overdue vacation this Thursday, and I won't be returning until June 26. That means Ask Ausiello will be in repeats next week. Sorry to do that to you guys, but I haven't gone on holiday since April 2005. That's, like, roughly 40 months of nonstop work! Please find it in your hearts to be happy for me. I'll even give you an asterisk quiz to keep you busy whilst I'm away. It's a tough one, so take your time. OK, during my 10-day trip, I will be traveling to three different states: V*rmont, New *ersey and New *ork. Fill in the missing letters correctly and you win! Good luck, and I'll see you back here in two weeks!