Sitting down? Are you? 'Cause I've got the best news ever. Seriously. You're gonna die. Or at the very least piddle yourself.

The role of Rebecca has been cast on Brothers & Sisters, and you're not going to believe who got it: Emily VanCamp! OMG!

This hasn't been officially confirmed by ABC or Touchstone, but it's true - trust me. Emily starts work on Friday.

Not exactly sure how our beloved Everwood grad went from being in the running to out of the running to landing the actual gig, but, well, who the frak cares!?! She got the part! We did it! (And by "we," I mean me and Greg Berlanti.)

I'll have much, much more on this developing story in the coming days, weeks and months. Heck, I may even do an AA spin-off entitled "Ask Ausiello About Emily VanCamp's Brothers & Sisters Gig." I'd certainly read that column.

What do you guys think? Or are you too busy hyperventilating?