Nicolas Batum and Juan-Carlos Navarro Nicolas Batum and Juan-Carlos Navarro

Talk about a cheap shot!

During the men's basketball Olympic quarterfinal on Wednesday, French player Nicolas Batum punched Spain's Juan Carlos Navarro in the groin. With 23 seconds left in the game, and France losing, they needed to foul in order to regain the ball. Batum hit Navarro where it hurts, nearly inciting a brawl between the two teams, but was not ejected from the game.

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The foul came just seconds after France's Ronny Turiaf had knocked Spain's Rudy Fernandez out of bounds. Despite Batum's efforts, Spain went on to win the game 66-59. Spain will face Russia in the semifinals, with the winner of that game moving on for a shot at the gold medal on Sunday.

Check out the video of the sucker punch heard 'round the world here.