What's old is new again on 24.

Already this season, former CTU head Tony Almeida (played by Carlos Bernard) made a surprise appearance to save Jack Bauer's life. His wife, Michelle (Reiko Aylesworth), showed up a few episodes later. And other classic 24 characters will soon pop up, namely President Palmer (Dennis Haysbert), who is expected to return in April, and then maybe even Jack's beleaguered daughter, Kim.

"We're not done writing the season," executive producer Joel Surnow says. "We may have something for [Kim] toward the end."

But as of now, Elisha Cuthbert, who plays Kim, has not been asked to set aside time. "[Producers] usually call to check availability or to gauge interest. But I haven't heard anything yet," says her agent, Chuck James.

And, as with all things 24, time is running out. Beep beep beep...