Amazingly and improbably, this week's American Idol just got even more TiVo-worthy. A spokesperson for Paula Abdul tells TV's Extra that over the weekend, Idol's erstwhile Pollyanna tripped while trying to avoid her chihuahua, Tulip, and as a result, broke her nose. (Aren't you supposed to tiptoe past the Tulip, per the song?)

Marcia Brady's backyard football incident just fell to No. 2 on the All-time Silly Circumstances rankings.

UPDATE: Speaking to Extra, Paula admits she "screamed like a little baby" after doing the face plant and tearing cartilage in her schnozz. "It hurt so bad!" Idol pal Simon Cowell tells the news mag that upon hearing of the incident, "I genuinely didn't think it was a true story." As for whether Paula's honker will be splinted before TV's largest audience this week, he says, "At this stage, health is more important than the way you look. We'll have a huge bowl of ice just to make sure the swelling isn't too bad."