Question: Oh. My. God. Grey's Anatomy's post-Super Bowl episode was fantastic! It was edge-of-my-seat material. Any clues as to what will happen next week?

Answer: Before we get to the big episode, I have some potentially huge Grey's gossip to share: Rumor has it that Chris O'Donnell has signed on for an eight-episode arc beginning in March. More details to come. Now, back to Sunday's Super installment, which, like Laura, I thought was pretty damn spectacular. Along with 38.1 million other viewers, I laughed (George fantasizing about showering with Meredith/Izzie/Cristina!), I cried (Bailey refusing to give birth without her husband!), I laughed some more (Izzie and Alex in the closet!), I cried some more (still with Bailey), I choked on a faux chicken finger (Meredith took Christina Ricci's place!) and then, before the credits rolled, I started counting the hours until next week's conclusion spoilers for which are (shocker!) scarce. My guess and this is just pure speculation is that Meredith's brush with death will snap McDreamy out of his Addison-fueled trance and pave the way for their inevitable reconciliation. Oh, THIS JUST IN: ABC is rerunning the Super Bowl episode tomorrow (Thursday) at 9:30 pm/ET for the 16 people who missed it the first time.