Thanks to the Peacock, I've been supersized! Monday was a sweet day, as the kind folks at NBC floated me screeners for all three of this Thursday's super-sized shows: My Name Is Earl, The Office and 30 Rock. Being just as genteel as the folks at NBC, I handed Earl off to Sabrina Rojas Weiss, who provides commentary on it for, and I'll probably get to 30 Rock this evening. My priority, after all, was watching The Office.

This week's 40-minute outing, "Merger," has the motley crew from the Dunder Mifflin branch in Stamford (Go, Westhill Vikings!) migrating to their assigned desks in Scranton. As you can imagine, Michael makes quite an impression on his new charges, ranging anywhere from "borderline amusing" to "enough to make a person quit" - and one of them does. Sorta. (Yet Michael even screws that up.)

Although I was put off when I first read about the prospect of the Stamford paper-pimpers invading Scranton's hallowed halls, I am happy to report that "Merger" literally had me grinning - and at times howling like a fool - from beginning to end. And it's not just due to the fact that we get a Jim-Pam reunion, or because Michael is in rare form welcoming his "extended family." It's because these new arrivals allow us a chance to see new sides to our faves. Such as:

- Phyllis, sweet ol' Phyllis, apparently exudes an acquired smell. Who knew?
- Creed is handy with the cell-phone camera.
- Ryan can be rather possessive, if not shrewd.
- Kevin loves shredding. Anything.
- Dwight fancies himself a runner.
- When Jim joined DM, the Michael Scott-produced orientation film was titled "The Scranton Witch Project." The new video that the Stamforders are forced to watch? Let's just say that it is very YouTube-friendly.

And so on.

Laughs-wise, my fave moments were Kelly telling Jim what's been going on in "her world" since he left, and a tremendously enjoyable battle between Dwight and his new perceived enemy. As for the aforementioned reunion between Jim and Pam.... Well, you'll just have to see how that plays out. But I must give props to Jenna Fischer, who so effectively - and oftentimes quietly - delivers truly knockout moments, touching on a range of emotions throughout the episode.

This is an Office not to be missed, so remember: Thursday from 8:40 to 9:20 pm/ET!