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It's been six years since Office viewers got a taste of the Dundies, but judging from Thursday's episode, Dunder Mifflin's greatest honor has lost its shine. Back when we attended the first Dundies at the beginning of Season 2, fans had no idea what would become of Meredith's excessive drinking, Michael's affection for song parodies and then-temp Ryan and the close friendship between Jim and Pam, but the episode came just as the then-struggling U.S. adaptation was about to enter the pop culture zeitgeist. Seasons later, what Pam lovingly referred to as "the best Dundies ever!" is still a favorite among Office diehards.

Unfortunately, even with the added star power of Will Ferrell, Michael's last Dundies failed to live up to their predecessor (Ryan didn't even win hottest in the office!). Pam didn't drink herself silly, Michael didn't perform a single song parody and the awards handed out weren't nearly as ridiculous as we remember. Look back at some of the highlights from both Dundies, and decide for yourself.

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2005: Chili's
2011: Louie Volpi's

2005: Whitest Sneakers, Don't Go in There After Me, Busiest Beaver (mislabeled Bushiest Beaver), Spicy Curry, Fine Work
2011: Best Dad, Best Mom, Cutest Redhead, The Diabetes Award, Promising Assistant Manager, Pothead Stoner of the Year

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Office Romance
2005: After Roy leaves the awards early, ticking off Pam in the process, she spends the rest of the night drinking heavily and hanging out with buddy Jim. When she gets the award for whitest tennis shoes — and not the longest-engagement kudos she was dreading — Pam celebrates with a hilarious speech and by kissing Jim on the lips (their first kiss!).
2011: For some unknown reason, Erin decides to use her time onstage receiving the Cutest Redhead Award to break up with longtime boyfriend Gabe, purportedly on Pam's advice. "I'm not attracted to you," she declares in front of everyone, including a stunned Gabe. "I cringe when you talk." Depressing much?

Early End to the Night
2005: After enjoying one too many leftover margaritas from her co-workers and falling off her bar stool, Pam gets her license photocopied by the owner, who tells the camera crew she'll never be welcome at Chili's again.
2011: The entire group gets kicked out of the restaurant when Deangelo begins shouting his acceptance speech, which includes a detailed recounting of his vomiting earlier in the restaurant's bathroom.

Best Line of the Night
2005: "I feel God in this Chili's tonight." — Pam
2011:  "Well, this is going to hurt like a mother f---er." — a teary-eyed Michael

Oddly enough, the best part of "Michael's Best Dundies" wasn't from Michael himself, but a sweet ode to Michael from the staff, sung to the tune of Rent's "Seasons of Love." Check out all 9,986,000 minutes of it:

What did you think of Michael's final Dundies?