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The South Park kids are about to give new meaning to the "1 percent."

On Wednesday's episode (10/9c, Comedy Central), the animated series will lampoon the Occupy Wall Street movement. Rather than focusing on financial matters, the show will deal with the disparity between the boys' athletic abilities in gym class.

Chubby Eric Cartman represents the 1 percent of fourth graders who fails the physical fitness exam. "I know how this works! You're the 99 percent ganging up on the 1 percent!" he screams in class before going home in tears.  "Now the 99 percent is saying everything is my fault."

South Park creators investigated by the Church of Scientology?

South Park
creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are notorious for using the show to put a comedic spin on cultural issues. In the past, South Park has parodied  Scientology (and Tom Cruise's questionable sexuality), Osama bin Laden's death, and World of Warcraft.

Watch a preview of the episode below: