Some O.C. cast members would sooner drink Coppertone than hear one more time how much their prime-time soap resembles its Fox forebear, Beverly Hills, 90210. But Rachel Bilson? She isn't one of 'em. "It's so flattering!" the actress exclaims to TV Guide Online. "I grew up on 90210. I was addicted to it!" Just don't call her character, ice princess Summer, the O.C.'s answer to Donna Martin.

"I don't want to be the Donna!" she says, mock pouting. "Nothing against Tori Spelling, but Summer affiliates more with Kelly (Jennie Garth) at the beginning of 90210, when she was the BMW-drivin' bad girl. Donna was way more innocent." And the buxom virgin stayed that way for — gulp! — years. "No, no, no, no!" Bilson squeals. "That is not the case with my character at all!"

Down the line, however, the L.A. native hopes that her star will align less with sitcom scene-stealer Garth's and more with that of a certain Dawson's Creek alumna. "I really like the kind of movies that Katie Holmes does now," says the Gift fan (who, we assume, never saw Teaching Mrs. Tingle). "She's definitely got a career I'd like to model mine after."

Besides the caliber of Holmes's material, the shopaholic has probably also considered — and envied — the size of the silver-screen gem's clothing allowance. "I'm addicted to shoes and clothes," she confesses. "And [since landing a regular gig], I've been going a little crazy, I have to admit. My next purchase will be a Chanel purse — my first. I tend to get a lot of vintage Gucci, but I think you have to have a Chanel in there somewhere, too." Katie, watch your back — and your closet.

(Tonight at 9 ET, The O.C. airs its last episode before getting benched for baseball playoffs. It'll be back, though. Not soon enough for us, but it'll be back.)