From the start, The O.C.'s adorably dorky Seth has been snobbish Summer's to do with as she pleases: kiss, dis, dismiss... you name it. But the rich witch's spell over him may be broken in tonight's episode of the hit Fox soap (airing at 8 ET), when Samaire Armstrong returns as Anna, the babelicious bookworm with the good sense to notice Seth's inner hottie.

"She's pretty happy to see him when she shows up [after her sailing trip to Tahiti]," the Not Another Teen Movie co-star tells TV Guide Online. "Definitely, the feelings are there. They have a really strong connection, because they have so many quirky things in common that nobody would understand but the two of them. They really share something sweet."

At first, though, Anna gets roped into her fellow boatnik's hare-brained scheme to make Summer see him the way that Anna, and viewers, do. Needless to say, chaos ensues. "He's tried everything to get Summer's attention, even naming his boat after her," the 22-year-old scene-stealer observes. "So Anna decides that maybe if she pays a little more attention to him in front of Summer, then maybe Summer will notice him and he can get her out of his system.

"But," she adds with a laugh, "[this plot] might come back to bite Anna on the ass!"

Even if, when push comes to love, Seth insists on making himself into one of the boys of Summer, O.C. fans can still go ahead and get attached to her wry rival: Anna is here to stay! Not only does the junior achiever enroll in the regulars' highfalutin high school, but her portrayer teases that, after inflating her crush's ego, he may need to be cut back down to size. "You might be right on there," she admits. "Just wait until you see what happens — you're gonna die!"