Amazing Spider-Man Amazing Spider-Man

The U.S. has had its share of political heroes, but President-elect Barack Obama may be taking it to the next level.

Obama will be on the cover of an upcoming issue of Amazing Spider-Man to celebrate his inauguration, according to E! News. The issue (No. 583, on sale Jan. 14), features Peter Parker's web-slinging alter ego keeping the peace on Inauguration Day.

Marvel comics editor-in-chief, Joe Quesada, said the idea came after reports circulated that the future president was a collector of Spider-Man comics. Stephen Colbert received a similar honor 10 issues ago.

Obama, who was not consulted about the issue, has also dropped references to Superman, The Green Hornet and Star Trek. Hmm, maybe Comic-Con should relocate to the White House this year. We're personally holding out for an equal-opportunity guest appearance on Smallville.