<I>House</i> House

We may not yet have seen the depths of Dr. House's crankiness.

Barack Obama's economic stimulus package "apparently does not extend to the TV networks." That's what one TV exec snarked to the Washington Post when asked to weigh in on an impromptu presidential news conference that will force the majors to bump original programming this Monday night — and, in turn, kiss a cumulative $9 million in ad money good-bye.

With Obama's message booked for the first hour of prime time, both Fox and NBC will pre-empt fresh episodes of House and Chuck, network reps confirm for TVGuide.com.

CBS's game plan is to bench How I Met Your Mother but let The Big Bang Theory (which this week boasts guest star Christine Baranski as Leonard's mom) play in Worst Week's 9:30 time slot.

Though unconfirmed, ABC reportedly is pushing The Bachelor back to 9 pm, forcing True Beauty to get some beauty sleep. The CW, meanwhile, plans to escape unscathed, sticking with a fresh episode of Gossip Girl.  

This news conference may be but the first of three prime-time outings for Obama over the next three weeks. At this time, he is planning a Feb. 16 TV appearance to talk up the economic stimulus package, and on Feb. 24 he will deliver a State of the Union-esque speech to a joint session of Congress.