David Boreanaz's <I>Bones</i> gets picked on again, while it's Seacrest <I>out</i> ... of his Tuesday time slot. David Boreanaz's Bones gets picked on again, while it's Seacrest out ... of his Tuesday time slot.

President Barack Obama will hold a prime-time press conference on Tuesday, March 24, from 8 to 9 pm/ET. The purpose: to further discuss his budget plan.

As a result, the Big 4 broadcast networks are scrambling to relocate — or in some cases bump — scheduled original programming.

Perhaps first and foremost, American Idol's two-hour Top 10 performance show has been moved from Tuesday to Wednesday, where it will preempt Lie to Me. Idol's results show will thus air next Thursday at 8, bumping poor, beleaguered Bones (which this week is kicking off what was supposed to be 11 straight new episodes).

CBS plans to start new Tuesday episodes of NCIS and The Mentalist an hour later, and disappear Without a Trace. NBC, meanwhile, will lead out of Obama with The Biggest Loser, which will air its two hours starting at 9 pm. The not-quite-as-big loser for the Peacock is Law & Order: SVU, which gets bumped.

ABC will simply slot Obama where a pair of According to Jims were to air, while Dancing with the Stars' results show stays put. No harm, no foul.

Obama's Tuesday news conference represents his third prime-time appearance in the past six weeks. POTUS also is a guest on Thursday's The Tonight Show.