Barack Obama Barack Obama

President Barack Obama will address the nation Wednesday (8 pm/ET, all major networks, except Fox), with a speech focused on his first 100 days in the White House.

In addition to covering the press conference, some networks are devoting special attention to the milestone. CNN will broadcast The CNN National Report Card: First 100 Days. It will invite Americans to weigh in on Obama's performance on-air and online. The special will feature Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, John King and Soledad O'Brien and airs from 8 pm/ET to midnight.

The news conference also caps off several days of ABC News' "The First 100 — What's Changed?" specials that have aired on Good Morning America, This Week with George Stephanopoulos, World News with Charles Gibson, and Nightline since Sunday. Gibson and Stephanopoulos will anchor ABC's coverage of the conference Wednesday, beginning at 8 pm.

Other coverage of the address:
• MSNBC will bookend the address with Hardball with Chris Matthews at 7pm and Countdown With Keith Olbermann at 9pm. The Rachel Maddow Show will air at 10 pm.
• Fox News kicks off its coverage with Fox Report with Shepard Smith at 7 pm, and follows the conference with O'Reilly Factor at 9 pm, Hannity at 10 pm and On the Record With Greta Van Susteren at 11 pm.
• Fox Business News sandwiches the conference between America's Nightly Scorecard at 7 pm and Cavuto at 9 pm.
• PBS will air Newshour with Jim Lehrer at 7 pm, followed by the conference.
• CBS will air the conference at 8 pm, followed with commentary anchored by Katie Couric. Couric will also host a webcast live at 10 pm.
• Brian Williams will anchor NBC's coverage of the conference at 8 pm, with commentary from David Gregory and Chuck Todd.
• CNBC will air the press conference beginning at 8 pm.
• As previously reported, Fox will air an episode of Lie to Me instead of the presidential news conference.

Check back later tonight to watch a live stream the president's address right here: