Ren&#233e Zellweger's surprise Golden Globe win for her role as a delusional soap fan in Nurse Betty may do more than just increase her odds of landing an Oscar nod — it could breathe new life into a film that got the cold shoulder from moviegoers.

Despite favorable reviews, Neil LaBute's dark comedy — which co-stars Morgan Freeman, Chris Rock and Greg Kinnear — grossed less than $30 million during its brief run last fall. But in the wake of Zellweger's big victory, a spokesperson for USA Films confirms that the pic will be re-released in theaters. "We don't have a date yet because we're still working out the details," the rep tells TV Guide Online. "But it is coming out again."

Following her Sunday night triumph, Zellweger admitted to TV Guide Online that nothing would make her happier than if her Golden Globe entices a wider audience to befriend Betty. "You hope that the work that you do matters to somebody else," said the actress, who was in the bathroom when Hugh Grant announced her as the winner, "and as a fan of film, I loved going to the movies and I loved seeing gems of film, and I think that Neil LaBute made a beautiful movie in Nurse Betty."

Zellweger — whose big break came in 1996 when she completed Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire — added that opportunities to play characters as complex as Betty don't come around very often. "I loved her purity, I loved her innocence, I loved her romantic idealism," she gushed. "I loved playing her."