More details about IMDBTV's Leverage revival are coming out, including some long-awaited info on a new character! When news first broke that we'd be getting a revival season of Leverage, Noah Wyle was billed as the new lead of the series, but we had no clue who he was going to play. Now, we've officially got all the juicy details!

Deadline reports that Wyle will play Harry Sullivan, "a corporate lawyer who is looking for redemption after realizing he'd been sitting on the wrong side of the table for his entire career." And who should he bump into but the very people who can help him learn how to look out for the little guy instead of shady corporations. Showrunner John Rogers previously described Wyle's character as "conflicted." We can't wait to see how Parker (Beth Riesgraf), Sophie (Gina Bellman), Eliot (Christian Kane), and Hardison (Aldis Hodge) will turn this former corporate stooge into a protector of the underdog!

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Wyle's character brings "new blood" to the team after they've sadly lost one member. That member is Timothy Hutton's Nathan Ford. Hutton was the only original star who did not sign on for the revival, but we don't have any details yet about how his character will be written out.

Deadline also reports that Aleyse Shannon has joined the series as the team's new full-time hacker since Hodge will only be reoccurring on this season. She'll play Breanna Casey, a foster kid taken in by Hardison's beloved "Nana," whom he passed the hacking torch on to.

Takedowns headed our way this season will reportedly include the man who created an opioid crisis, a woman who prefers to deport workers instead of paying them, and a shadowy security firm. All excellent targets for the new Leverage team.

Noah Wyle, <em>The Red Line</em>Noah Wyle, The Red Line