Question: Please give me a hint about who will be the major character who kicks the bucket this season on Nip/Tuck.

Answer: I'll do no such thing. But I will tell you that the death occurs early next year and it's an awful way to go even by Nip/Tuck standards. BTW, good and bad news regarding how the strike's affecting McNamara/Troy. As you'll recall, 22 episodes were ordered last year, to be divided into two seasons. The good news is that all 14 eps for Season 2 were completed before the strike and will air through Feb. 19. (No new epsiodes air on Dec. 25, Jan. 1 or Jan. 8. See, I'm not the only one taking off.) The bad news is that the eight episodes for Season 6 have not been written, so they've been postponed indefinitely.