Shane West and Maggie Q Shane West and Maggie Q

First comes love, so is marriage far behind? Now that Michael and Nikita are together, can these two crazy Division rogues make it as a couple?

"Oh yes, Mikita," Nikita star Shane West tells a group of reporters over coffee. "We love it. The fact that the fans reacted so quickly to that relationship was great. It was really a testament to them and we discovered we could tease a lot [of their romantic history] by adding these flashbacks. I think that was something that grew into the subject line. We're stunned by the fan reaction. We have a fan who sent Mikita posters that are phenomenal."

Nikita's Devon Sawa: There's no "Nikita-Owen love thing going on" ... for now

On Thursday's Nikita (9/8c on The CW), those Mikita fans will get the ultimate peek at what life would be like if Michael and Nikita (Maggie Q) became Mr. and Mrs. when they go undercover as newlyweds in Pennsylvania. They enter the sleepy little town in search of a third black box, only to find that Dana Winters (Christina Moses) has abandoned her life as a Guardian and instead has a husband, child and fairly "normal" life (i.e. free of people trying to kill her).

Check out what executive producer Craig Silverstein has to say about the episode:

Not everything is wine, kisses and baguettes during this honeymoon, however. Even the best couples have their disagreements, and for these operatives, it's a matter of how they each would like to take Division down.

"Now that Alex is in danger and Nikita has Michael back in her life, she just wants to get everybody out and fight back," West says. "She's just more of an idealist in that sense. She just wants to burn Division down. Michael is the opposite. He's trying to be a little more realistic. He wants to change some things from the inside."

Is the Nikita hookup real or a double cross?

Part of Michael's reluctance to employ the slash-and-burn approach is that  now he is, in a sense, a double agent.

"It's a little strange that he's turned into the mole now after trying to figure out who the mole was," West explains. "I think he believes it's got to take time and he's got to make sure things are OK in Division with whoever is running it. All of his relationships have to be OK for him to get out and have things still be believable. But let's be honest, we only have a few episodes left and it's not going to last long. Michael is in trouble."

Uh oh, that sounds ominous. But no matter what goes down in the finale on May 12, West assures us that Mikita will live on ... through the end of this season at least.

"I think fans will be happy. They will absolutely be together," he says. "I'm going to be intrigued to see what fans think of the last episode because they are together but it looks like it's going to be a rough road ahead."

Nikita airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

Do you think Mikita will last? What do you think is in store for the finale?