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Over the course of its first season, Nikita has become a show about loss and difficult choices as much as espionage and violence. It's no surprise then that one of the principal characters meets a Division-related demise on Thursday's finale (9/8c on the CW).

"Yes, someone dies," Lyndsy Fonseca confirms to "Everything that happens in the finale is not just for the sake of killing people or for the sake of a good storyline. Stuff has been kind of brewing for a long time, and I think it's going to be really emotional."

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Playing Alex, Nikita's mole inside Division, has required Fonseca to play out several heartbreaking moments this season, twice pulling the trigger on those who love her — once with Thom (Ashton Holmes) and recently with Nikita (Maggie Q) --and submitting to both emotional and physical torture again and again. Fonseca reveals what viewers can expect in the finale. (And yes, Alex is strapped into a chair to be tortured ... again.)

How comfortable are you landing in that Division torture chair yet again in the finale?
Lyndsay Fonseca: That chair and I have had many a good time together. It's really cool though because you get to focus on the heart of the scene. There's no action, there's no moving around. You're not hiding behind any movements. You're just face-to-face with dialogue and the story that's going on and what you want to portray.

What more can they do to Alex? She's been tortured in a chair for at least four separate episodes this season!
Fonseca: Alex finds out a lot of information from Amanda about things she had no idea about. It's done like, "Here's what you don't know, Alex, and now you make your own decision of where you want to go."

Alex goes rogue in this episode. How is it different from how Nikita originally went rogue?
Fonseca: Well, both Nikita and Alex have a personal connection to Division because Division killed Daniel and Division killed Alex's family, right? But what shifts is that she discovers more specific information in her father's death. Therefore, she goes rogue in a very different way.

What was it like working with the special guest star, Alberta Watson who played Madeline on the Peta Wilson-starring series La Femme Nikita?
Fonseca: She's a really nice lady and it was cool to hear stories from someone who has done a similar series before. She says she loves our version and that when our show started, a lot of fans of her and Peta's show had rallied together against Nikita and were like, "We'll never like this show because you're the original." But when Alberta came to guest-star, she told her fans, "Listen, let's band together. We have to like this show. I'm going to be on it, and it's OK, we can love both." She was trying to get everyone to be happy together, you know? It was really cute.

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What's her role in the finale?
Fonseca: I can't reveal that, but her character is in a scene with Alex and Amanda. Yes, lots of kicka-- women in one scene.

Will Alex get to see Nathan — or maybe be haunted by the ghost of Thom — in the finale?
Fonseca: No, Nathan is not in the last two episodes but he doesn't die, so who knows? He could always come back. As far as Thom goes, no, we don't see him, but I feel his presence is felt in Alex's life every day whether she says it or not. There's too much new information going on in the finale to include him.

Speaking of hot guys, we see that Division's creepy Cleaner Roan is back. We saw on Twitter that he got a little bloody in the finale?
Fonseca: Yes he does. He does actually get hurt, that's for sure. I never usually have scenes with him, so it was fun because I actually got to work with him in the last two episodes. Rob [Stewart] is awesome. He is such a great actor. When he is in his character, he freaks me out!

What's this we hear about you shooting in a cemetery? What was that experience like?
Fonseca: We did work in a cemetery one night. I was with Noah Bean, Maggie and Rich Sommer. It was unbelievably cold. We were dying! We were running into where they cremate the bodies to warm up. It was probably -5 F. It was unbearable.

This is described as an "explosive" finale. We're guessing that things will actually blow up? Will you be running from explosions?
Fonseca: Yeah, you can expect explosions both literally and figuratively. Maggie and I are definitely in a bit of a shootout, and there's some pretty intense fire stuff going on that was really fun to film. We were running up staircases with machine guns and like five machine-gun guys following us. They created this huge explosion in the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto. It was really cool. We basically blew up their staircase.

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How would you describe Alex's transformation from when we first saw her in the premiere?
Fonseca: I think the best way to describe it is going from a girl to a young woman. I think she found a lot of therapeutic advice through Nikita. I think she has faced things she had never thought she could face and I think she's starting to take responsibility for who she is and where her family is from. For a long time she was struggling between the two, not wanting to really be herself. I think by the end of the season, she really faces it.

Check out this promo for the Nikita finale, "Pandora":

Nikita airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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