Evangeline Lilly in Lost by Mario Perez/ABC Evangeline Lilly in Lost by Mario Perez/ABC

"Jaters will be aflutter when Kate shows romantic interest in future Jack, but it turns out there's another special person in her life already - someone *** *** ** *** *****, *** ****'* **** a ******."

Remember that little asterisk quiz from back in January? Well, now that Lost's big Aaron bombshell has been dropped, I can finally fill in the blanks for you.

"Someone who was on the plane, but didn't have a ticket."

Congratulations to the hundreds of you who guessed correctly! You win... oh, I dunno, nine more episodes of Lost this season? And if they're half as good as tonight's, that's quite a prize.

Seriously, "Eggtown" was, IMHO, the best episode so far this season - for reasons I'll get into in tomorrow's podcast. In the meantime, tell me you agree. It was the best episode of the season, right?