As filmmaker Baz Luhrmann confirmed to TV Guide Online last year, it's only a matter of time before the Great White Way comes alive with the sound of his Oscar-winning movie-musical Moulin Rouge. But one big question mark remains: Will Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor reprise their big-screen roles as tortured lovers Satine and Christian?

For her part, Kidman offers TV Guide Online this song and dance in lieu of a final answer: "I don't think [Baz] would ask me." And if he did? "And if he did? I don't know.... Play Satine again? I don't know."

Luckily, there's no rush for Kidman to decide. Luhrmann's busy putting the finishing touches on his update of Puccini's romantic opera La Bohéme, which opens next month at New York's Broadway Theatre. Regardless, insiders believe Tom's ex would be a fool to put the brakes on her reel career to fly again one day as Satine.

"She won't do it," insists theater vet Stephen Daldry, who directed Kidman in Paramount's upcoming adaptation of Michael Cunningham's novel The Hours (due Dec. 27). "It's not [really] how an actor works to go back to doing a part they've done a few years ago. Acting is about finding new roles... reinventing yourself.

"Plus, [theater] is a very different medium," he adds. "Doing Moulin Rouge night after night after night would be a bit of a task." Kidman didn't seem to have any trouble delivering the goods three years ago when she starred in David Hare's X-rated play The Blue Room. Of course, that gig didn't involve singing in front of a live audience — something that would likely give her the heebie-jeebies.

Asked why she didn't follow up the success of Moulin Rouge with an album of her own, the skilled crooner says: "I'm too shy. I would love to delve into that, but only in fun. I don't have desires to get some huge recording contract."
Tomorrow, why Hollywood is seeing gold people in Kidman's future. (Hint: Oscar!)