With The Grinder sharing the same name as a popular gay hook-up app, it's no wonder The League's Nick Kroll and Steve Rannazzisi's idea of what the Fox comedy is about involves tons of graphic sex between stars Rob Lowe and Fred Savage.

"Fred Savage's d--- looks just like him. His d-- wears a little Bears jersey like in Princess Bride," Kroll muses. "But again, watching Fred blow Rob Lowe, it's the first time on Fox. Fox is groundbreaking. You think that it's FX and FXX that's really pushing the envelope."

"And obviously you'd think that Fred would blow Rob, but it's so different when Rob just works Fred Savage," Rannazzisi adds.

See more of Kroll and Rannazzisi's hilarious (and explicit) Grinder musings in the video above. And let this be a lesson to networks: No show, no matter how smart and charming, can ever quite escape a terrible name.