Pantene has a Super Bowl tie-in campaign where they have NFL players style their daughters' hair. Pantene knows that tough guys being gentle with their little kids is irresistible cute-bait. I haven't checked the #DadDo hashtag, but I'm sure there are plenty of botched attempts at braids and adorable father-daughter bonding moments.

6 things we're excited about for Super Bowl 50

Here's Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams with his daughter Rhiya. Williams may have left the Carolina Panthers the year before they made it to the Super Bowl, but he still wins at being a dad.

Next is New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson and his daughter Grace.

Here's Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten and his daughter Landry.

Finally, here's D'Angelo Williams again with his younger daughter Reyna.

It's good there's only four videos. My heart can't take anymore.