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Let's get ready for an Aarti Paarti!

Last night, the tasty reality show that never gets enough attention crowned its sixth winner and wow, was it a close one. Aarti, Tom and Herb all whipped up impressive pilots, wowed the focus-group crowd and, in the words of Food Network senior VP of programming Bob Tuschman, "made it very, very tough" for the selection committee to pick.

Yet pick they did and we're thinking they got it right, giving the win to Aarti Sequeira, the perky former CNN producer-slash-blogger whose culinary point of view is all about adding Indian spice to everyday eats. She's fun, she definitely doesn't look like the rest of Food Network's roster, and she was the only one of the finalists who actually taught us something in their test reel—did you know a chutney was a reduction of fruit, sugar and vinegar?

Now Aarti gets her own show, Aarti Paarti, which will debut next week on the Food Network. Here's hoping she repeats her pilot's Naan pizza recipe, because we didn't get to see the whole segment and that thing looked a crazy pile of flavor. As for the other two, well, it wouldn't be unheard of to see an NFNS runner-up walk away with series deal, as well.  Adam Gertler has scored two shows since losing to Aaron McCargo back in season four. 

So which of this round's remainders deserves a second chance: Big Chef Tom or healthy-food hunk Herb? And will you be attending the Aarti Paarti?

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