July 4, 2011 Newsweek July 4, 2011 Newsweek

In honor of what would've been Princess Diana's 50th birthday on Friday, Newsweek released a cover depicting what the late princess might have looked like today, sparking much debate online whether the commemoration is appropriate or highly distasteful.

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On the cover (pictured left), a digitally altered photo of Diana, who died Aug. 31, 1997 after a tragic car accident in Paris, is superimposed into a shot with Duchess Catherine, aka Kate Middleton, who would have been Diana's daughter-in-law. The accompanying story paints a picture of the princess living in the digital age in New York, tweeting her story to her 10 million followers on Twitter. 

The magazine even includes a fake Facebook page, showing that she and Camilla Parker Bowles are now friends. Naturally, Prince Charles "liked" that activity.

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