Question: Any news on House? Please tell me Cameron and Chase will finally get together. You know, when she's not high.

Answer: Make up your minds, kids. Do you want Cameron with Chase or with House? (Sounds like the makings of a great poll!) I know which way Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) would vote. Although she was a no-show at Fox's press-tour bash last week, an adorably tongue-tied Hugh Laurie delivered or, rather, attempted to deliver a message on her behalf. Here's our exchange:

Laurie: I'm going to tread here very carefully because Jennifer is actually still working. She asked me to say can I say this? Because it's going to get her into such trouble. I'm going to have to let her say it. She will get her opportunity to say it.
Ausiello: C'mon, give me a hint.
Laurie: She is keen to see a a. a development of the relationship we hinted at before. She put it more graphically.
Ausiello: She wants to see House and Cameron have sexual intercourse?
Laurie: Wow! I thought there were whole steps [leading] up to that, but you went right there.
Ausiello: How do you feel about it?
Laurie: I feel as awkward as [House] does. It's inappropriate in so many ways, and yet if two people are attracted, then I suppose there's not much you can do. But I'm 50 times her age and I'm her employer and I can't see good things coming from it.