Question: Has there been any news on who will be playing Aaron Echolls in Veronica Mars' faux E! True Hollywood Story?

Answer: Yeah, and it's a bummer. As I reported on Monday, exec producer Rob Thomas informed me over the weekend that he's "$100,000 over budget on that episode and we're losing the role." As it is, Thomas didn't end up going with any of the finalists you guys singled out in AA's first-ever Armchair Casting Director challenge anyway but that was for strictly economic reasons as well. "I wrote Keith Carradine in the script as the actor playing Aaron," he says. "I did a pilot with him a few years ago, and I thought he might be a guy who would do me a favor. But even if we got him for the bare minimum, we couldn't afford to add any more cast to the budget." And although he didn't follow up on any of AA readers' casting tips, Rob did have some thoughts on several of the top vote-getters. "I have to say that I've never seen Lorenzo Lamas in anything. Corbin Bernsen would've been funny on a couple of levels. Chris Sarandon actually sounds like a pretty good idea. My favorite, however? Mark Hamill. Perfection."